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Our amature breeding facility, recognized by Anfi/Fife, was born from love for this wonderful breed of cat. Our cats come from selected breedings, are reared within our family and cared by us with much love. They are tested for Fiv, Felv, Pkd and Hcm. The colors of our cats are: Blue and Lilac, the most classic and popular colors in the British Shorthair cat breed. We have decided to support these two special colours and very rare, the fantastic Chocolate, to acquaint the British Shorthair in different color new and variations.

We are very happy to give our contribution to this enchanting breed of cat and due to our fascination for their beauty we wish other people to be able to share these lovable jewels.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Angela’s British Cat

Our litter

Each one of our kittens is born and rased in the family, cared for with much love until the time they will leave our house, only after 84 days from birth, with a transfer of ownership, health card and pedigree document certified by ANFI, association recognised by Italy.
Many times those who wish to buy a kitten have no idea of the costs involved. For this reason we wish to explain what it means to us to rear these kittens, starting with breeding selection.
Our cats are prime examples of selective breedings from around Europe, in perfect physical health and regularly checked by a trustworthy veterinary clinic who vaccinates and tests for the following deseases: Fiv, FeLV, PKD, HCM.
It’s very important to know that each one of our cats is the result of many factors: selective breeding, study and research to guarantee that every kitten conforms both to the aspect and character typical of this breed. We also try to maintain high standards by periodically partecipating in european shows here our cats always take good results. During pregnancy the mother is constantly monitored and checked. Each kitten is examined,de-wormed, vaccinated and fed only the best quality food ideal to promote growth. With each kitten we try to incourage affection from the first moments of life and concentrate on forming a character guaranteing a psychological equilibrium both stable, calm and playful, typical of British Shorthair.

Each one of our kittens leaves with a guaranteed pedigree.

A common error is thinking that this last factor raises the price of the kitten. Infact the certificate is a small cost but is very important to guarantee the high standard of the British Shorthair being adopted.

A pedigree cat without its’ Pedigree Document, is like a stray, without history, without selection(health, aspect and character), without certain guarantees. (You can’t judge a book by its’ cover, a British MUST possess the character of a British, that sets it apart from other breeds).

The cat is either pedigree or not, there does not exist “nearly pedigree” or “pure without Pedigree”.

Don’t throw your money away buying kittens of unknown quality and history and don’t trust those who offer at prices well below the mean, you are probably being offered something very different from what you expect.

The adoption of a kitten is a big responsability and therefore it must be respected.


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